I found sparkling water!
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I should just start to write this blog in english instead because I'm usually posting everything whenever I'm in school...
It's just because I have Yearbook and I like to use photoshop and all of those things during this lesson, and I'm kind of stucked with this project I'm working on in that class, so I have time to fix with le blog.
So today's Monday, during the weekend I've played my second last volleyball game and that's so so sad:(, my last game is tomorrow... But anyway, so I played volleyball Friday night and we won so we went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate and I had som Quesadillas. There's this one thing that everyone is laughing kind of hard about, I almost eat everything with a fork and a knife. Like I even eat hamburgers and stuff like that with a knife and fork...So when I started to eat my Quesadillas with fork and knife the girls at my table burst into tears of laughter. And they told me that I had to eat with my hands, because you can't eat that with fork and knife. So I just had to do that haha.
Then I came home around 10 or something and I was so tired so I didn't even try to watch a movie. I just talked some with my hostmom and then went to sleep.
Saturday, a storm kind of started to come in, in our town, the weather started to become kind of bad. I spent the morning in the house and just watched some movies because all of my family members were busy with work or so. So I started my christmas feelings very early and watched Love Actually, I really like that movie.
Then my hostmom came home and we ate lunch together.
In the afternoon we went to Beaumont and we met up with the other foreign exchange students and their hostmoms to go to the Haunted Hotel, it's like Hotel Gasten in Sweden at Liseberg. There was a super scary guy with a chainsaw and he came so close to me that I actually thought he would chop something of haha.
All of us went to a restaurant and there I had my first hamburger since I came here but the thing I was even more excited about was that they had SPARKLING WATER. I haven't been able to drink sparkling water for more than two months now, frustrating because no restaurants or stores have that here haha.
Then we went home and I watched the movie Friends with Benefits, you gotta love Justin Timberlake!
Sunday I woke up kind of late and my hostdad had to go to work so it was just me Harper and Miss Lacie home so we made pancakes to breakfast, Yum!!
Then Ethan came and picked me up because his family invited me over to eat lunch with them. So I ate Gumbo for lunch there, Gumbo is like some kind of stew with chicken and sausage that you eat with rice and crackers, it was delicious. 
The weather outside was kind of spooky and the lights flickered all the time so we watched a scary (weird though) movie after lunch. 
And that was my weekend. Now it's the beginning of a new week and I'm just very tired haha, need to wake up. Anyway, I hope all of you in Sweden had a nice weekend and I'm very jealous of you who have fall vacation...
Some cool guy haha, me, and Angelica, we kind of matched one day with our clothes lol.