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I love you

Let me never forget to be grateful
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Sorry mawmaw and pawpaw for writing this in English but I'm sitting in school doing this lol.
Where do I even begin? I update this stuff not very often I know, I'm sorry, but I'm writing everything that happens in my own personal diary that's probably why.
So yeah, Christmas break (haha I feel so stupid talking about Christmas in the middle of February), we celebrated Christmas from the 23rd through the 25th with different families and it was so amazing. My family spoiled me so much and I felt like I was one of their own kids. I met a lot of new family members and tried new kinds of food. If I can be honest, I did miss Swedish meatballs haha!!
The 26th I had to wake up really early because me and Ethan and his family went to San Francisco! That must have been my favorite trip in my whole life. San Francisco is an amazing place and I will never be able to thank his family enough for bringing me there.
We went to the Red Woods, sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge and saw fireworks on New Year's Eve. That sounds like a movie or something to me.
Then when we came back school started and Softball too. All the hard work from off season paid off and our team is stronger than ever! Since I've never played Softball before I may suck but I mean I'm learning and all of the girls in the team are very supportive so that's good ;).
We had our first scrimmage last Tuesday and unfortunately we lost, 10-8, but it was still okay.
Last weekend we had Prom and it was amazing, it really was a success.
First I went to get my hair and make up done and then Ethan picked me up and we went to a house where all of our friends had gathered together to take pictures. It felt like we were celebrities or something because all of the parents took pictures like crazy lol.
After the photo session we went with a big bus to a restaurant in Chema to eat. An old man at the restaurant stopped me and he said, now miss, can you please tell me why you and all of your friends are so amazingly pretty and dressed up? I said Sir it's our prom! He smiled and said, I remember my prom night, I hope you will have a nice night you too! Such a sweetheart!
Then we went to the prom dance and it was okay, I had decorated the place the day before so it was fun to see it all in action.
This weekend's plans is probably today, hang out with some friends and go out to eat in Beaumont and tomorrow me and Martina are going to have a sleepover at my place and Sunday it's Valentine's day and I'm going to spend it with my Ethan! Monday we're off from school and I think I'm just going to hang out with Ethan and chill!
If I can be honest, I don't miss Sweden very much...I miss some friends and family ofc but otherwise I'd like to stay here haha...
Today I've been here for 6 months. It's freaking crazy.
I'd like to push the pause button please.