An amazing weekend
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Okay so here I am again sitting in class and wrtiting this so it will have to be in English this time too lol.
I'm working on another thing to post but I just wanted to check in and say hi and put up some photos.
So last week was homecoming and it was AWESOME. Like, legit awesome.
So here's some photos that my yearbook teacher took of us and I have so many other pictures from my own camera to post but for now on, look at these!
The Sehniors and the Swede
This picture looks funny but I wanted to show you what my outfit looked like!
I had so much fun these days and I'm so thankful that I'm able to be here and thankful for all of the amazing people that are taking care of me over here! 
Right now I just feel so great and everything is kind of on point in my life. 
Except that today is my mom's birthday and I can't celebrate her...that kind of sucks, but I'll make it up whenever I come home!





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