Slam poetry
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I do this for a school purpose and I just wanted to share it here too.


Slam poetry

A young woman, caring and curious, trying her wings in another country.

Hey, excuse me, hello?

I’m shy but stubborn, trying to reach my goals without having to ask too many questions, but how do you actually spell suggestions?

Never mind I’ll just pick up my phone and search it up because I want it my way.

Okay first day of school, let’s just try something new, should I maybe tell my daddy I didn’t like last night’s stew..?

Focus, you’re here to learn, mom believe in you, your brother fights for you.

He will come home safe and so, because he has always been braver than you.

He’s been daddy’s favorite since you were two, it’s just something you always knew.

Someone’s looking at you, should you introduce yourself or just hide behind a bookshelf?

Hi my name is Anna Eleonora, who are you?

I just won over my fears!

Hello I’m a very nice boy and you’re going to fall for me, you just wait and see.

I dream I worry, I just wish that I could believe in myself more.

Stubborn, wants to pay for myself, want to pray for myself, want you to obey for me.

See now you listen to me, I’ve got your attention I think I did mention that I do like the invention with butterflies, flowers, hearts and skies.

Distance make you feel, what is real and what is the actual deal.

Learnt the hard way, to say, to fall, to get up, to smile, though I sometimes might have been too juvenile.

Got a little sister and learned to call my new daddy for Mister.

Trying to fit in, wore too short shorts one day, is that for real a sin?

But okay, I accept it but then you also need to accept me with my beliefs.

I stand up for my friends and with all of that I say a religion does not define who you are by far.

When I was four they asked me what I wanted to be, wished I would’ve said something smarter than my little pony.

Years later they asked me again and again what do you want to be, what do you want to be?!

Whoa, take it easy here now let me see, I guess I just want to be me?

Okay, let’s tell the truth it would be nice with a Doctor’s degree…

But a degree doesn’t define who you want to be you see, there’s so much more to experience and realize for me.

Then what do define us?

I wished I could be like her, like him or what if I accept that I’m perfectly fine with who I am?

I’m worrying, I’m hurrying, I try to live as much in the now but still I plan, who’s maybe one day going to be the best man.

I guess I just love too much, wish too much, dream too much, wait, hush. I take that back, one can never dream too much nor feel too much.

I know that I’m from a country far far away, and now I guess the only thing I want to do is stay.

I’m on my life’s biggest trip, someone here actually asked me if I went over here with a ship.

But forget about all of those things, remember that all of you in here are Queens and Kings.

We just have to believe in ourselves and not only see things in just one way, which was all I had to say.





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